School of Postgraduate Studies, University of Medical Sciences, Ondo


1. Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences
i. Anatomy: MSc, MPhil, PhD
ii. Physiology: MSc, MPhil, PhD
iii. Biochemistry: MSc, MPhil, PhD
PhD Biochemistry with the following options
a) Nutritional Biochemistry
b) Industrial Biochemistry
c) Enzymology
d) Medical and Clinical Biochemistry
e) Environmental/Toxicological Biochemistry

2. School of Public Health
i. Public Health: PGDPH, PGDEHSM, PGDHS, MPH, MScPH, MPhil, DrPH, DrCH, PhDPH
Master in Public Health (MPH) specializes under the following options:
a) Epidemiology & Biostatistics
b) Health Policy and Management (HPSM)
c) Environmental & Occupational Health
d) Population, Family & Reproductive Health
e) Health Promotion & Behavioural Sciences

3. Faculty of Sciences
Department of Biological Sciences: M.Sc, PhD
i. Animal and Environmental Biology Unit with the following options:
a) Molecular Parasitology
b) Genetics and Biotechnology
c) Environmental Biology and Toxicology

ii. Microbiology Unit with the following options:
a) Environmental Microbiology
b) Food and Industrial Microbiology
c) Medical Microbiology

Department of Chemistry: M.Sc, PhD with the following options
i. Medicinal and Organic Chemistry
ii. Analytical and Forensic Chemistry
iii.Analytical and Environmental Chemistry
iv. Physical and Computational Chemistry

Department of Physics: M.Sc, PhD with the following options
i. Medical Physics
ii. Health and environmental Physics
iii.Energy Physics
iv. Geophysics
v. Electronic and Communication Physics

PROFESSIONAL M. Sc (Part time)
M.Sc. Industrial and Environmental Management (with the following options)
i. Environmental Pollution Control and Management
ii. Food and Pharmaceutical Science
iii.Industrial and Environmental Health and Safety
Duration: Four (4) Semesters by Part time.