1. Standalone and highly resourceful School of Public health
  2. Uninterrupted Academic Calendar
  3. Blended Learning System
  4. 2 Weeks didatic physical contact on approved leave
  5. Opportunity for specialization
  6. Multidisciplinary research and community services
  7. PGD for science, allied and related BSc and HND graduates
  8. Teachers as educators
  9. Critical thinking and participatory problem solving teaching approach, and not just the traditional teaching methods
  1. Capstone based reports, projects, practicum and postings where applicable
  2. Workplace tailored practicum
  3. Adequate and timely Supportive supervision
  4. Affordable school fees
  5. Public Health skills center
  6. Centralized and accessible teaching centers
  7. Adequate library and internet facilities with tailored access
  8. International certification
  9. Opportunity for internal and external collaborations and partnership, conferences, workshops